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Too busy for an online course? A workshop is the right fit for you! Workshops can vary in length and style to best suit your budget. Reach out via the contact form for availability. 


Do you need an intimacy professional to work on your upcoming production? Reach out!

A man sits confused as two man and one woman become intertwined with his in "a love story" by Kelly Lusk
A woman and man kiss on the stairs in "Proof" by David Auburn
A woman and a man laugh as the man holds the woman's face in "Machinal" by Sophie Treadwell


So you're really interested in intimacy and want to learn how to do it, why it matters, and the research supporting intimacy work. Maybe you want to become an intimacy professional yourself. Maybe you want intimacy training for your entire production, company, or department. Experiencing the online training is the best way to find out! Visit the course offerings at the link below.


Want someone to chat with your department, faculty, cast and crew? Have a few quick questions to help you work through a tricky situation? A virtual consultation may be the best fit for you. This is the most affordable option that Heartland offers.

A man sits up with his legs extended while a woman curls up with her head in his lap in "Lungs" by Duncan Macmillan
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